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4 Ways To Upgrade Your Home Organization

Home organization is at the top of everyone’s list right now. With Spring here, many are doing their annual spring cleaning and trying to get their home in order. In fact, home organization is a popular trend right now, with many looking for new and improved ways, tips and tricks and inspiration as to how to live a more organized life at home. Organizing your home is more than a trend though – it can be an act of self-care. Clutter has been known to cause anxiety and even depression, so having a nice and organized home isn’t just for appearances, but also for your sanity and mood. Here are a few ways on how to upgrade your home organization:

1. Compartmentalize Your Drawers

There’s one thing to declutter your drawers, but it’s a whole other thing to actually compartmentalize it. Now that you’ve gotten rid of old clothes you don’t wear, it’s now time to organize your drawers for optimal function and convenience. You might want to add drawer organizers to keep everything nice and neat.

2. Label Your Shelves & Containers

In your pantry, go the extra mile and organize your shelves by items and then label the containers and place them with like items. Labeling will make it easier for when you put everything back. Plus it makes your pantry look neat and tidy.

3. Organize Shelves By Color Or Size

Whether it’s a book shelf or a closet (or whatever else you keep stored), organize it all by size or color (or even both). This ads in visual order and inherent organization to whatever you are organizing. Just as labeling helps people put things back where they belong, this system does the same thing. Your built-in shelves won’t only look nicer, but they’ll also be much tidier, too.

4. Get The Clutter Out For Good On Countertops

Nothing beats the look of clean countertops devoid of any clutter. Even if you’ve gotten rid of the papers and small things that end up counters at the end of the day, go one step further and see what larger staples you can remove from your home’s flat surfaces for good. Maybe put small appliances away in the pantry or remove too much decor to other room where it would look better. Clearing off surfaces will not only make the space look better, but it’ll also lessen your anxiety and tendencies to go back to the clutter. At LA Design Build, we can easily create custom cabinets to hide all your countertop appliances in the kitchen or build special built-ins to add more storage space!