What Is A Ground-Up Development?

What Is A Ground-Up Development?

While we do many home renovations and remodeling projects here in the Los Angeles area, we also specialize in ground-up developments. A renovation or remodeling projects is simply adding to your existing space to enhance it’s design and style. Bathroom remodels and kitchen renovations are common projects of ours, but we also do many ground-up construction builds around Southern California.

A ground-up development project is creating an entirely new structure from scratch. This includes building foundations, footings, walls and everything else included in a new construction build. It’s essentially starting from zero and creating something where nothing existed before. This can include an entirely new home or even constructing new structures on your existing property (ie. a back house of instance).

Ground-up developments are often a bit more complicated than your everyday kitchen remodel or bathroom renovation. It’s usually longer and requires more permits, man power and patience. However, it’s all worth it in the end once the structure is 100% complete and you can finally marvel in the completion of your new home, building or structure. A huge benefit of opting for a ground-up construction in Los Angeles is the complete flexibility you have with design. You get to have a say on how you want the structure to ultimately look and function. You are 100% capable of customizing the structure to fit the various needs of your family or business.

Because you are building a completely new structure, ground-up constructions do tend to be more expensive than regular Los Angeles renovations. They also do require more permits and blue prints in order to complete the project up to code and more. At LA Design Build, we handle everything when it comes to ground up development projects. This includes all permits, design and construction, making the often complicated process easier for clients.

As a notable ground-up developer in Los Angeles, we can help you create a home of your dreams or the office your business deserves. These projects are worth the investment and that includes hiring the right Los Angeles contractor for your needs. Currently, we are developing our most luxurious projects to date – The Nightingale Project on Billionaire’s Row in Los Angeles. This is the most expensive neighborhood in Los Angeles and this project definitely fits in with surrounding homes given how grandiose the projects is. We serve all of Southern California and are ready to make your  Los Angeles ground-up construction dreams a reality!