Luxury Smart Home Trends For A Comfier Life

If you’re looking to upgrade your home to be “smart,” then you probably need more than just an Amazon Echo or Google Home. Although these smart speakers and home assistants are convenient for things like your home’s temperature, lights, stereo system and the like, if you really want a smart, connected home, then you’ll need to add some high-tech upgrades to your basic systems. Here are some luxury smart home upgrades you’ll want to add to your home renovation projects list:

Invisible Charging

With tablets, phones, watches, headphones and so much more, you probably have charging accessories all over your home. Tons of smart devices translate to tons of wires and batteries that need charging, which makes a space look cluttered. To combat this, the solution is adding invisible charging to your home. There are a number of wireless charging devices that will charge many compatible devices all at the same time without needing any cables or wires. One such gadget is the WI-Charge R1 that can be installed into your home either an Edison screw adapter (making it compatible with various light fixtures) or a socket adapter to plug into an outlet. Once it’s installed, the R1 will automatically located any compatible devices and will initiate a power transfer for charging.

Smart Shades

Never worry about forgetting to close the blinds or shades before bed with motorized smart shades that will automatically open and close on a set schedule. With many of our clients, we’ve installed Lutron Motorized shades during their home renovation projects and it’s become a highly requested addition. Not only are they made for added convenience, but they look beautiful and will help make your home comfier than ever.

Smart Kitchens

Smart kitchens make cooking so much easier thanks to intuitive additions like touchless faucets, flameless convection stoves that emit heat when it’s sensed and apps that change the mood and lightning of the kitchen. Moen’s new U Smart Facet is hands-free and will dispense water at the desired temperature, while Tuler’s Concept Kitchen features integrated modular technology that opens drawers a the brush of a hand.

Smart Bathrooms

Just like smart kitchens, smart bathrooms make everyday tasks like showering and grooming a breeze. There are faucet-less showers that turn on water with a motion sensor – already set at the perfect temperature. Innovative LED mirrors with motion sensors turn on as soon as you face the mirror, while others feature anti-fog technology, eliminating the need to wipe down the mirror after a shower. Another innovative trend many homeowners are requesting is privacy glass to separate room, especially bedrooms and bathrooms to really open up smaller spaces. The innovative smart glass will go dark once it senses movement for extra privacy then turns transparent again when the guest has left the area.

If you’re looking to update your home to a smart home and aren’t sure where to begin, LA Design Build would love to help! We’ve been including various smart home additions to our Los Angeles renovation projects and can help you decide on what would work best for your needs, wants and home.

5 Reasons To Use Wallpaper In Your Space

Today’s wallpaper is far from what your grandmother used. The prints are modern and fun, while the quality of today’s wallpaper is ten times better than before. Factor in how easy it is to apply and remove, it’s no wonder why wallpaper is having a major moment in design. If you’re still not sold on using wallpaper in your space (whether it’s your home or office), here are a few reasons to change your mind:


The great thing about wallpaper is that it provides you the chance to really let your personal style show in your space. There’s a wallpaper design, pattern and color in practically everything these days, so you can literally choose from anything. Wallpaper offers so many ways to add your own unique style to your home. When choosing the style of wallpaper, it’s best to do some research to see what sort of wallpaper options you really like. With a bit of research, you’ll find lots of options. Just make make sure you take your time so that you find the right one that captures your vision for space.


Another benefit of using wallpaper in your home renovation projects is that it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. If you don’l like colorful, bold prints, then you’ll be able to find a subtler option since there are so many types to choose from. Even the most subtle wallpaper can really make your space look beautiful and curated.


The easiest ways to really make an impactful statement with wallpaper is to go with a feature wall. You just need to add wallpaper on one wall to really make it stand out as if it were an original painting. Plus feature walls with wallpaper allow you to have a bold look without the price of a luxury piece of art. It’ll also be a beautiful focal point in your space. When choosing a feature wall, stand back from the space and take note of the options. Get creative and don’t always go for the obvious choice!


If you have a weird space room or an odd-shaped wall, wallpaper can really provide a unique take on the space. Many times, wallpaper can really transfer an unusual space. And it’s a cheap way to include some design inspiration to when you’re not too sure as to what to do with the space (but know you want it to stand out).


Wallpaper today is not the same wallpaper from yesteryears, meaning that it’s easier to come off and apply. You can apply them and remove them in no time and your walls won’t look tattered or worn down after removal. Of course, it’s always best to have a professional install it so that the edges are clean and crisp and you don’t have to worry about doing it on your own.

At LA Design Build, we love adding wallpaper to our renovation project. We feel it adds character and uniqueness to a space and would love to help you with your Los Angeles renovation projects, too!

5 Things To Know Before Painting Your Walls White

White is the most popular paint color for spaces given its versatility and ability to freshen up a space. However, even though white paint can make one room look amazing, it can actually make another look blah and boring. As with all colors available, white has its own mood, lighting, style and reflectivity pros and cons. It also has its own maintenance requirements and associated temperature, meaning you need to really do some research before you choose to paint your walls white. If you ignore these things, the crisp and fresh white paint you’ve been dreaming of will make your space something else entirely. Here are a few things to consider before you opt to paint your walls white:


Before you go with white paint for a space, you’ll need to identify its orientation to consider the natural light source. For rooms that face away from afternoon sun, you’ll have to deal with gray-blue light reflection. White walls will really optimize the room’s light and keep the space cool at the same time. Spaces that don’t benefit from sunlight streaming in are excellent candidates for white walls. You’ll want to decide on using the room’s walls to either dampen or radiate natural sunlight, so you’ll want to check the fan deck for the white colors in each color range in order to see what the underlying hue is for all the options.


Look out the window and figure out what will affect the white colors inside. For instance, foliage might block light that would hinder the use of white in your room. Rooms with ocean views will benefit from white walls given they’ll really open the space up and make it seem as the ocean views are closer than they really are.


Many want that clean gallery white look, which utilizes painting the trim and walls the same bright white color. It does so to really focus the attention on the artwork. While it works well for homes that have a noteworthy collection of art or a great view, it might not work for homes that have a of clutter and randomness. That’s because white really shows marks, imperfections and disorder. If your home is anything but, you might want to postpone the pristine white walls for when the kids are older and the house is more organized.


Although white walls is refined, classic and formal, it can also make your home look like a “flip” home if you’re not careful. You’ll want to take into consideration the history of your home and the design themes it already follows.


You don’t want your home to have that sterile look, so to offset this, you’ll want to add some texture. The addition of a textured wall or surface can really soften the look of room and not make it look so rigid and stiff.

White walls adds a sophisticated and crisp appearance. But in order to make a design statement, you’ll want to do your homework and consider a few things before painting your walls white.