Security & Video Surveillance

When it comes to your family, their safety is of utmost importance. Experience the peace of mind that comes with investing in a security and video surveillance system. Knowing every part of your home is secure while you’re there or not, can provide great relief and serenity for any homeowner.

Benefits of Security & Video Surveillance Systems

Integrated Surveillance

Thanks to years of experience, we know exactly where to place our high-resolution security camera to safeguard against any vulnerabilities. You’ll get focused looks on every part of your home for optimal security measures. Keep a close watch on your home and family from anywhere you are.

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home security and automation

View Your Home Remotely

Thanks to remote viewing, you’ll be able to check in on your home anywhere. You’ll be able to see live security footage anywhere the cameras are placed. This means you can check for packages, guests and intruders. When integrating your security system with your smart home, you’ll have ultimate safety measures to protect your home and family at all times.

Notifications Anywhere & Anytime

Always stay in communication with your home thanks to real-time updates and notifications. Receive alerts whenever you leave your front door open, the garage doors up or even when your kids walk into the front door after school. You can respond immediately or as you see fit thanks to accurate and timely notifications sent to you as soon as something occurs.

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We’re here to help and actually can help provide you with some helpful places as to where to place your security signs. Never be afraid to ask for more security signs from your security company, either!

We’re experts at making any improvement to your home’s security. We can help with entire alarm systems, along with deterrents, such as fully functional camera systems (ie. LTS, Nest, Ring, etc.).

here are a lot of options to choose when it comes to smart lighting. We personally love Savant light bulbs, which work seamlessly with the Savant app. Ketra makes a wonderful lighting system, which features tons of versatility. Philips Hue is one of the most common smart lighting systems and is very affordable. You’ll want to do some research before seeing which one is right for you.  

There’s a large assortment of camera styles and sizes available. They each have their own differences, which can be important when choosing the right system. Things like megapixels and aperture, along with how they change what you do, should be researched ahead of time. Before diving into your camera project, it’s best to figure out if you’d what sorts of features you’d like for your system. 

Both are full security and surveillance systems that allow app-based streaming and control. While Ring is more affordable and offers more camera types and doorbells, Nest does have more when it comes to support and 24/7 video recording. Personally, we prefer the look of the Nest cameras since they blend in with your home. 


Our security and surveillance systems work with a number of different popular systems, including ring, nest, DoorBird, LTS, 2N and more.

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Audio, Video & Home Theater

Music and art are what make life more enjoyable. Enhance quality family time with an integrated home theater system. Your music will be heard differently and the way you enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows will never be the same once you upgrade your audio, video and home theater system! 

Benefits of Audio Video & Home Theater Systems

Enjoy Ultra High-Definition 4K and 8K pictures

Experience a scene as it was created to be experienced. When viewing your favorite movies or shows in 4k and 8k display resolutions, entertainment will be your newfound favorite thing to do at home. Every detail will look fresh and visually unparalleled. You’ll get cinema-like viewing experiences in the comfort of your own home. 

home security and automation
home security and automation

Speakers For Music Your Can Feel

Let your favorite musical pieces captivate your body and soul thanks to high-resolution audio systems. You’ll be able to really feel the music and experience it as if you were there live. We only use high-end speakers when creating your home’s sound system, with stylish designs and finishes that perfectly complement your home. You’ll enjoy superior sound in any part of your home, even outdoor spaces for entertaining! 

Visit The TheaterAt Home

With a quality audio video and home theater system in place, every movie night will feel like you’re at a theater. The high-definiton of the picture will always be crisp and fresh, allowing you to see all the minute details in each scene. You’ll experience incredible audio that makes you feel the tone of each word spoken or note being played. 

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Music Anywhere In Your Home

Fill your entire home with amazing sounds as you entertain guests or simply do everyday chores around the house. Thanks to modern streaming services, you’ll have an endless selection of high-quality music at your disposal. Whole-home audio is fun, simple and engaging thanks to a unified smart remote or app that controls it all. This is personalized entertainment at its finest. 


Whether you’re using Dolby-enabled speakers or installing a full Dolby Home Theater system, the placement of the speakers is important. From a single Dolby-enabled soundbar to a full 5.1, 7.1.2 or 9.1 surround sound speaker setup, we can help you plan your home theater. 

Of course! When it comes to home automation, there are multiple systems that allow you to play services like Pandora or Spotify in any room or location you choose. Sonos is one of our favorite app-based systems, but there are multiple to choose from, such as Google’s Home and Amazon’s Alexa. Do some research to see what’s best for your personal needs and wants. 

The popular Art TV models do cost a pretty penny, but are well worth it. It’s important to know where you want to install your Samsung Picture Frame TV, and if that space will benefit from the TV’s artistic additions. Otherwise, it’s probably best to simply install a regular TV if you’re not trying to hide anything.

Screen resolution and aspect ratio are the two most important things to remember when creating a video wall. There are 3 basic ways to make this happen: a video wall controller, daisy-chain or graphic board. The best method will depend on how you plan on using the video wall. 

When it comes to outdoor automation, there are plenty of options to conceal things, such as speakers, wires, etc. Sonance provides a rock speaker model that looks fairly lifelike when placed in the right space. Other brands offer many desirable options, too. 


Partners include, but are not limited to: JBL Synthesis, Sonos, Sonance, Crestron and more!


Home Automation

We live in a fast-paced environment. LA Design Build is the trusted hand that can ensure harmony across every aspect of life. The personalized control that comes with automation provides just that – convenience, security and comfort in the smooth and smart functioning of your home or business. 

Benefits of Home Automation

Full Automation With One Touch

Access all the functions of your upgrade home or business with unparalleled convenience. Control everything from lighting, climate settings, entertainment and security systems with a single, intuitive app.

home security and automation
home security and automation

Climate Control

Make the office warmer than the kitchen so that everyone in the home is comfortable. The ability to set your home’s temperature, room by room, is one of the most highly desired aspects of a smart home.

Lighting Control

The right lighting can set the mood and inspired lighting can be the major difference between a smart home and regular home. Create a desired mood or switch off all the lights with one touch of an app from anywhere you have access. Automated lighting goes beyond convenience and adds volumes to your home’s overall aesthetic appeal.

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home security and automation

Automated Window Shades

Enjoy a sense of extra privacy with automated shades. You’ll be able to create any type of mood you want for any time of experience, such as reading, dining or sleeping. 


Brighten up your day with the right background music at home. It doesn’t matter if you’re cleaning, entertaining or just relaxing, high-quality audio streaming across your home will create a magical experience like no other.

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home security and automation

Security & Access Control

Create a safe environment for your family and home with an automated security system. You’ll be able to view anyone coming near your home so that you can act accordingly. You’ll be able to control it all from the convenience of your phone or tablet, receiving notifications in real time. 


Here are some of the most useful and popular home automation features:

1. Smart lights

2. Automatic door locks and garage door openers

3. Smart security cameras and smart alarm systems

4. Automatic blinds

5. Automatic heating and cooling

6. Distributed audio video systems

7. App controlled music, lighting, shades, security, and more

Each project will have different costs based on the wants and desires of our clients. At LA Design Build, we like to provide a free consultation for any projects, no matter the size. Small projects can go for as little as $500 for camera and doorbell installation while larger projects can be thousands of dollars for a whole smart home renovation. The price you’re willing to spend on your smart home is entirely up to you. 

Each system has its own merits, but they all provide the ability to control your entire home from a smart device. We personally recommend Savant over any others because of the complexity of control and rich features the system offers. Savant is also compatible with other smart home systems, such as Lutron, Apple and other camera systems. 

1. Voice control devices

2. Smart locks

3. Speakers

4. Smart TVs

5. Media players

6. Smart Hubs’

7. Lighting systems and switches

8. Thermostats

9. Professional platforms

10. Smart blinds


We partner with systems, such as (but not limited to): Lutron, Savant, Crestron, Amazon Alexa, Nest, Google and Apple (to name a few).

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Lighting & Shades

The use of automated lighting and shades in your home or business will enhance its aesthetics and comfort levels. The great thing about this smart home upgrade is that it can be fully customized to individual preferences. Thanks to the tap on a screen, you’ll be able to control the ambiance no matter what time of day it is!

Benefits of Lighting and Shades

No More Light Switches

Ditch light switches and control the ambiance of your space from the convenience of an app. You’ll have a spectrum of lighting choices across your home thanks to full app-based control. Sleek and customized lighting functions will fit your home’s color, design and theme elements. From stylish wall-plates dimmers and more, you’ll be the master of the spectrum of lighting across your home.

home security and automation
home security and automation

Intuitive Lighting

With intuitive lighting capabilities, you’ll be able to create a distinct atmosphere for various scenarios and experiences in your home. You’ll be able to set the ambiance and softness for a romantic dinner, a family movie game night or a lively gathering with friends. Or maybe you prefer lighting that closely follows the color and pacing of natural sunlight? You become the artist of ambiance when investing in smart home lighting.

Quiet, Elegant Shades

Shades and blinds are essential additions for modern smart homes. Refined in appearance and available in a number of fabric designs, styles and finishes, automated shades allow you to regulate the amount of natural light that streams in. Create a specific vibe or enjoy full privacy with a simple touch or tap on an app. Smart blinds and shades are unobtrusive and will add to your home’s modern aesthetic appeal.  

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Create The Perfect Mood

Lighting and shades go beyond mere function. They can create the perfect mood by blending the two into one essential element for your home. The creative mix of shades and lighting can help create on-demand scenes that fit any occasion. Your home will be enveloped in the various ambiances smart lighting and intelligent shades can create. Set the mood for every activity in your home with app-based shades and lighting controls.


We’re here to help. When installing Lutron keypads in a home, we’ll work with you closely to make sure everything is perfectly set for your everyday needs. Once we have keypads installed with temporary markers, we’ll order permanent engravings, or Palladium keypads, if you’d like an extra luxurious touch in your home. Once they arrive in 3-5 weeks, we’ll install the permanent ones, leaving you to your perfectly set home.

Both options are very flexible to anything you’d like in your home. Lutron offers a bit more in terms of shade design and type, which is useful for homes that require more than on design. Both shades can be controlled by apps, such as Savant, allowing for extra control. Somfy doesn’t require the necessary additional bridge device, making the cost a bit lower than Lutron models.

Zigbee and Z-Wave operate their networks a little differently. Zigbee can support far more devices at any given time, while Z-wave is more limited. While both ensure all your smart home devices work together, the small differences are what can help you choose the right system for your home.

Lutron’s RadioRA is designed for a whole home system. The best part about it is how flexible and scalable the components are. Finding the right authorized installer is the first step to designing your customized RadioRA system.

When it comes to smart lighting, there are a lot of options to choose from. We personally love Savant light bulbs, which work seamlessly with the Savant app. Ketra makes a wonderful lighting system, with tons of versatility. Philips Hue is one of the most common smart lighting systems, and comes at the lowest price. Definitely do some research before seeing which one is right for you!


Our lighting and shades partners include: Lutron, Core Lighting, Savant, Crestron, Amazon Alexa and more.

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