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7 Tips for the Perfect Powder Room

Many people don’t think much about their powder room and think of it as an afterthought when it comes to their remodeling home improvement projects. However, designing the perfect powder room should be a top designing priority because it’s actually the most used room of your home when guests are over!

Think about it? When entertaining guests, they don’t go upstairs to your master bathroom to use the restroom do they? No, they use the powder room downstairs instead. Because it’s such a vital room when entertaining, your powder room needs to be just as impressive as living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

Whether it’s a small guest bathroom or half-bath powder room, you’ll definitely want to give this space a refresh if it’s lacking in the excitement and looks department. Usually, a powder room is a small space by nature and features a toilet, vanity with sink and a light. Although, a guest bathroom downstairs might feature a shower or tub. But it doesn’t matter if it’s the smallest powder room with just enough room for the essentials or a large guest bathroom because as long as it’s going to be frequented by guests, it needs to look as inviting as the rest of your home.

The good news is that the remodel won’t take very much effort since it’s a small space. Plus, a refreshed powder room can also up the value of your home when you decide to sell later on. A powder room remodel will benefit all, adding a sense of comfort, relaxation and enjoyment to your space. So if you’re thinking about doing a powder room remodel, here are some tips to make it perfect:


The tricky thing about powder rooms is that they’re usually small in size and have strange layouts. Since the dimensions can vary greatly, you’ll need to figure out a functional layout for the space in order to optimize the design. Ultimately, you’ll want to create a space that’s functional, easy to move around in, meets your needs and has a balanced look. It’s always better to consult a professional designer to help create a layout that works best for the space and your needs. Plus, they have an eye for the perfect powder rooms and can help with the design and more!


Since the space is typically small in size, incorporating storage for a powder room can prove to be difficult. You’ll want to figure out what’s best for the space, which will vary. If the room is large enough, wall-mounted cabinets might work for bathroom essentials, but this will only take up too much space for smaller powder rooms. You might be able to just get away with cabinets or drawers under the sink, but that can overwhelm a small room, too. Other creative storage ideas for powder rooms include: a storage rack right above the toilet, over-the-door towel rack, recessed cabinets or shelves or even opt for a cabinet mirror.


When designing any space, you always want to have a focal point that really draws one’s attention. Because powder rooms have limited space, you don’t want the focal point to be anything that’s too big or dominates the space in any way. Instead, think about focal points that are powder room necessities like a unique vanity, bold wall art or wall paper (one that doesn’t make the room smaller), a gorgeous light fixture, etc.


Don’t forget about the powder room’s flooring when you’re doing your redesign because you’ll want to invest in durable flooring. Since the powder room won’t be exposed to as much water as a regular bathroom with a shower or tub, you’ll be able to opt for more flooring options. This includes splurging on luxury flooring options since you won’t need to cover as much space, costing you less!


Lighting is always vital in smaller spaces and you’ll want to go with quality lighting in your powder room. Poor lighting in a small space can make it feel dingy, while harsh light can expose all the imperfections in the room. Instead, invest in quality lighting that provides a flattering glow and really illuminates the space. To help solve your lighting problem, you can strategically use mirrors to reflect the light in the space to create the illusion that it’s bigger than it really is.


Go with a unified look in your powder room because a tiny room can feel really cramped if you try to experiment with different design elements. Have a cohesive design for a unified aesthetic to create a calming space for guests to feel refreshed and relaxed. Use color to create a unified look.


The smallest accents can really make a difference in how great and perfect your powder room will be. Don’t be afraid to show off your personal style and add in some special accents in your powder room. Things that will elevate the look of your powder room redesign include: scented candles, glass jars for essentials, a luxurious soap dispenser that complements the faucet, indoor plants and flowers, pictures or art you love, etc.

However you decide to approach your powder room remodel, know that it should reflect your personal style and taste while still being functional at the same time. Don’t rush the powder room redesign and take your time so that you end up with a space that you absolutely love and one that guests will compliment you on! LA Design Build can easily help you transform a boring powder room into a talked about room when guests come over!