Motorized Shades

Benefits of Motorized Window Blinds And Shades

At LA Design Build, we want our clients’ lives to be as convenient as possible and do so by suggesting a variety of renovations that will make their homes more comfortable and lives so much easier. While we do specialize in Los Angeles home renovations, we also like to upgrade average homes to smart homes in a number of ways! One design and home remodel suggestion we like to offer clients is upgrading to motorized window blinds.

Window blinds are a household staple for blocking light, protecting privacy and adding style. While many homes often have basic vinyl window blinds, we like to suggest a swap to motorized window blinds that go beyond the simple task of opening and closing. With motorized window blinds, they perform the exact same purpose of traditional ones with added functions and convenience. Also, they look good doing it!

Wondering what benefits motorized window blinds will add to your home? Here are a few of those benefits to consider:

Added Safety For Pets And Children

Blinds can be scary for parents and pet owners because of their dangling cords. These cords often pose as a suffocation hazard if children play with them, and they become entangled in them. Pets are also in danger as they can also become entangled in the cords if they are very long. When it comes to the safety of your family, motorized window blind provide peace of mind.

Home Efficiency Boost

Another huge benefit of motorized window blinds is how they can boost your home’s energy efficiency. They do so with insulation and light control. Motorized window blinds provide better control of lighting in your open. When they are open, they let in a lot of natural light so that you don’t need to turn on any lights or fixtures during the day. Pus, you can set your motorized blinds to open and close during specific times of the day to maximize your home’s lighting efficiency. Both light control and insulation can help reduce your monthly utility bills.

Furniture And Decor Protection

Direct sunlight can cause your furniture pieces to fade and damage them. However, motorized window blinds can help you protect your interior styling decor and furniture by allowing automated programming to control the amount of light that enters the room, for how long and during what times of the day. You won’t have to remember to close the blinds yourself in the afternoons when the sun’s rays are brighter.

Added Security

Motorized window blinds offer added security whether you’re home or not. Since they can operate automatically any time of the day, they can make it seem like someone is home even if you’re not there. Plus, they act as a deterrent to thieves when used with an automated home lighting system.

Better Sleep

Your room will be dark when it needs to so that you can get a good night’s rest. Also, you’ll be able to sleep better since no natural light will enter the room until you set the motorized blinds to open. And, setting your motorized window blinds to gradually open in the AM will help wake you up more naturally than abruptly when your alarm goes off.

Increases The Value Of Your Home

Since motorized blinds are custom fit to your home’s windows and professionally installed, they’ll add instant value to your home when you choose to sell it. It’ll be an added value potential buyers will want, and they’ll be more attracted to your house.

Automatic Operation

Want your blinds to open and close at a certain time? Just set the timer and let them do their magic, day in and day out. You’ll never have to worry about having to close your blinds at night since they’ll automatically close at a set time you desire. And if you ever want to change that schedule, you simply change the timer or operate their use from a simple control.

Motorized window blinds can also easily integrate with your existing smart home systems so that they all work in sync with each other to improve your home’s efficiency and convenience. LA Design Builds routinely installs motorized window blinds into our Los Angeles home renovation projects when asked and can suggest which brands to go with. We also specialize in Los Angeles smart homes and can help integrate them into a better overall smart home system based on your needs and wants.