What Room Should You Renovate First?

What Room Should You Renovate First?

When it comes to Los Angeles home renovations, you might be wondering what room to start with first. While the kitchen and bathrooms are usually two rooms that are usually first, the order in which you should complete your whole-home renovation is entirely up to you! It’s really what you want to see redesigned first or what your priorities are in terms of design. However, if you need a bit more guidance on your major Los Angeles home makeover, we’re here to help!

We understand that you may be confused as to what room should go first or even where to start. To figure out the best approach, here are a few suggestions on how to find the right path for your total home renovation.

Make sure you hire the right Los Angeles renovation specialist

This will help make your home remodel so much easier and run more smoothly throughout the duration of the project. The right LA developer will help guide you through the process, make the right suggestions, take care of all the necessary permits and provide you with ease of mind that the home renovation will be done on time and on budget. LA Design Build is a renowned LA renovation contractor ready to help you tackle any home renovation project in the Los Angeles area and beyond!

Go with an inside-out approach

While a professional Los Angeles renovation contractor will guide you through your home renovations, if the crew does ask about your preference, you can never go wrong with an inside-out remodel approach. This means working your way inside to the outside. Think inside things like walls and floors to cosmetic finishes being considered the outside. But hiring a professional will know where to start and then where to go from there, taking into account your personal needs and preferences.

Choosing to work in the wrong order can actually be disastrous for you. You run the risk of wasting money and time to make needed repairs if something goes wrong. Doing your home renovation in a methodical way will not only save you money and time, but you’ll also finish the remodel a lot faster, cleaner and with much better results.

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5 Things Not To Forget For Your Next Home Renovation Project

Los Angeles home renovation projects should never be taken lightly. Whether it’s a bathroom remodel, a custom-built closet or a full kitchen renovation, home renovation projects take a lot of planning, time and money, so you want to make sure you do your homework in order to have everything go smoothly. Here are some common things that many forget when undertaking a home renovation project so that your home comes out exactly how you’ve always dreamed of:

1. Think About The Layout

When doing a Los Angeles home remodel, you’ll want to carefully consider the layout so that it benefits the entire family. You don’t want to add a man cave next to your child’s bedroom. Or a bathroom next to your kid’s play room. You won’t be able to fully use the rooms as they are intended because you’ll have kids next door. Thinking through the logistics of how the entire family will use the space ahead of time will save you lots of headaches down the line.

2. Have A Plan For Storage

As you’re doing your home renovation, think about where you’re planning to store all the stuff from that particular room. You don’t want to go into a renovation project not planning what you’re going to do with all the furniture or decor while the room is being remolded. Clear the space in advance so that you’re not in a rush when your Los Angeles renovation contractor shows up, and you don’t know where to put all the stuff!

3. Go With Durable Materials

Don’t just choose materials based on how good they look. You should also consider how durable they are. You want to make sure they last will look amazing in the future. This is especially true for those with pets and kids.

4. Have Enough Outlets

These days, you can never have too many outlets! With more electronics than ever before, the more outlets, the better. But be strategic about where you place the outlets and the type you go with. There are many that have USB outlets for all of your personal gadgets.

5. Have The Right Permits

Making sure you have the right permits is important to any home renovation project. If you ever sell your home, realtors and new buyers will want to make sure it was all done up to code. The great thing about LA Design Build is that we do all the permit work for you. We want to ensure a seamless renovation experiences for our clients and will go and make sure we obtain all the necessary permits needed for the project. We will also go the extra mile to get remodel projects approved with home association organizations, making the renovation process an easier and more convenient process.