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6 Bedroom Improvements For A Comfier Space

Many people are still working from home, which means their house is now their office. Houses have certainly changed by definition over the past year. Not only is it a family home, but it also doubles as school and work. Even though you aren’t commuting to the office anymore doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate working from home. For those with home offices, the transition hasn’t been that hard. But for those who don’t, working in the bedroom has become the norm. That’s because there are fewer distractions in the bedroom. But because of this, more people are having sleep problems because sleep patterns have changed as it’s now the office and not just a place to rest.

But that doesn’t have to be the case if you do a few changes to the design of your bedroom. Maybe it’s changing the color on the walls or getting a new carpet? Or it can possibly. be an entire bedroom renovation! Here are a few things you can do to do improve the space:

1. Add Pictures or Artwork

Adding some picture or artwork can really add personality to your bedroom. It doesn’t just have to be personal photos of family either, but just digital prints of things and sayings that you love. Add in some fun artwork to really liven up the mood of your bedroom. Of course, make it complement the color or theme of your bedroom for a more cohesive look.

2. Custom Furniture

To really make your bedroom space unique, why not add some custom furniture pieces? This is great if you have a small bedroom and can’t find certain pieces to fit the design or layout. Or, you need special furniture pieces in order the size of the room.

3. Clear Our The Clutter

The first thing you’ll want to do before you add in any new design elements into your bedroom redo is to clear out the clutter. Clutter can really affect your mood, vibe and emotions. Your brain prefers order and clutter is a distraction that can really add unnecessary stress.

4. Have A Statement Bed

Your bed isn’t just where you sleep, but it can also be the focal point of your bedroom. Make your bed standout by opting for a grand statement. You can choose an elaborate headboard or select an eye-catching bed from your favorite furniture store.

5. Use Relaxing Colors For Your Bedroom Walls

Colors impact your mood. Make your bedroom a relaxing place by adding colors that promote rest. Blue and green both provide a calming mood if you love a pop of color, or you can always go for a light grey or traditional white if you prefer neutral colors. Find a color that makes you comfortable and will help relieve stress.

6. The Right Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in providing your bedroom personality. It can send the mood, help you relax and make your room more comfortable.

Make your bedroom the idea place to relax and work by updating the design. At LA Design Build, we can help you have the bedroom of your dreams!