Latest Summer Home Trends & Design Ideas

Summer Home Trends

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to think about updating your home with new decor, accessories, colors and more. Each new season brings a slew of new design trends that are aimed at making your home nicer and more stylish. For summer, here are a few design trends that’ll warm up your space for the summer:

Accessories Galore

If you’ve ever wanted to go the more-is-more route when it comes to decor accents and accessories in your home, here’s your chance to finally go through with the trend. Accessories that were once used to adorn shelves of bookcases are now being used in every part of the room as the maximalism trend grows. Think of the trend as an easy way to add pops of color and varying dimension to a space. Now’s the chance to go overboard when it comes to accents, decor objects, art, books and more!

Well-Worn Wood

If you’re a fan of wooden accents, then you’ll love to hear that well-worn wood is a huge trend at the moment. Wood pieces with aged patinas are huge and what’s great about this trend is that it can be used in multiple design aesthetics. Raw or reclaimed wood pieces is a great way to add organic beauty and warmth to a space, while the tones perfectly add dimension to any interior space. Plus, it’s totally eco-friendly and sustainable since most well-worn wood pieces are vintage.


Wallpaper is a design trend that’s been growing over the past few years. But today’s wallpaper options are beautiful, modern and add lots of character and style to a room. Wallpaper is literally everywhere right now and it can be used for walls, on the back of bookcases, on the ceiling and more. It’s a great way to add some flair to any room without overwhelming the rest of the space.

Rattan Decor

Another huge summer design trend right now is rattan. This is furniture made from the stems of palm and is usually associated with outdoor furniture. However, it’s now frequently used inside and provides natural, boho vibes. The earthy material can make modern spaces feel warmer and more natural.

Calming Home Colors

The need to create a relaxing space is more important than ever, which is earthy colors like taupe, sage green and dusty blues are huge right now. These colors remind us of nature and create calm vibes indoors. These colors are easy to add to your home decor, but you can also opt to paint your walls for a soothing space that’s right on trend.


bathroom remodeling

How To Add Personality To Your Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom remodels, everyone wants a modern design with minimalist features for a clean and spacious bathroom. Although that’s a great look for any bathroom, sometimes it can feel stiff, rigid and even clinical. You’ll want to create an inviting bathroom that is cozy and warm, infused with personality and statement looks. Here’s how to give your bathroom more personality and warmth:


Bathrooms don’t usually have any interesting patterns. However, they could really benefit from them, so consider adding playful towels, a patterned shade or even using colorful wallpaper to provide warmth to a bathroom. You’ll be able to continue using a classic color scheme while adding in some interesting elements.


Although you might want to use lighter colors in the bathroom to give it an airy and clean feel, try balancing them with bolder colors (keeping them lower to the ground) for some richness to the space. It’ll really make a statement and set off any classic white fixtures you have.


Add some personality to the bathroom with a detailed mirror that will be a focal point of the room. You can even opt to hang it if you want something more dramatic.


Give your bathroom more warmth by adding natural materials, such as wood, woven baskets or organically shaped stones. Natural greens and bronze also work well in terms of color and texture.


If you want to have plenty of personality in your bathroom, do so with tile. Use some plain white porcelain subway tiles and throw in some colored ones for a unique look and the addition of color.


Bathroom hardware is important and an excellent way to provide warmth to a bathroom. What’s great is that you can always change up hardware when you want to change the look down the road.

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