bathroom remodeling

How To Add Personality To Your Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom remodels, everyone wants a modern design with minimalist features for a clean and spacious bathroom. Although that’s a great look for any bathroom, sometimes it can feel stiff, rigid and even clinical. You’ll want to create an inviting bathroom that is cozy and warm, infused with personality and statement looks. Here’s how to give your bathroom more personality and warmth:


Bathrooms don’t usually have any interesting patterns. However, they could really benefit from them, so consider adding playful towels, a patterned shade or even using colorful wallpaper to provide warmth to a bathroom. You’ll be able to continue using a classic color scheme while adding in some interesting elements.


Although you might want to use lighter colors in the bathroom to give it an airy and clean feel, try balancing them with bolder colors (keeping them lower to the ground) for some richness to the space. It’ll really make a statement and set off any classic white fixtures you have.


Add some personality to the bathroom with a detailed mirror that will be a focal point of the room. You can even opt to hang it if you want something more dramatic.


Give your bathroom more warmth by adding natural materials, such as wood, woven baskets or organically shaped stones. Natural greens and bronze also work well in terms of color and texture.


If you want to have plenty of personality in your bathroom, do so with tile. Use some plain white porcelain subway tiles and throw in some colored ones for a unique look and the addition of color.


Bathroom hardware is important and an excellent way to provide warmth to a bathroom. What’s great is that you can always change up hardware when you want to change the look down the road.

As a renowned Los Angeles contractor, LA Design Build can help add tons of personality to your next bathroom renovation. We’ll help with the design, necessary permits and more.

installing a hood range in your kitchen

Benefits of a Hood Range In Your Kitchen

When doing a kitchen remodel, there are a few additions you’ll need to decide on and a hood range is one of them. The microwave over the stove is no longer the way to go if you want a chic and modern kitchen. Instead, clients are now asking for hood ranges instead because it provides them with a sleeker look and a few benefits, which include:

Better Air Quality

Range hoods are not only nice to look at, but their main job is to improve the air quality of the kitchen when you’re cooking. It’s meant to remove and filter hazardous air pollutants like grease, smoke and steam when you’re cooking so no to be inhaled by your family or damage the surrounding walls.

Reduce Carbon Monoxide

Heating and cooking appliances and equipment are main sources of carbon monoxide poisoning. Without the right ventilation, carbon monoxide can cause serious damage to your family’s health. A range hood helps prevent this problem and will filter out the carbon monoxide in the air.

Reduces Excess Heat

It can get quite hot when cooking, so range hoods are preferred since they provide relief for cooks and will protect the entire kitchen by cooling off the area.

Protection For Your Family

The range hood will act as a filter, cleaning any hazardous, irritating or harmful pollutants. It actually offers your family more safety benefits than other appliances in your kitchen.

Comfort While Cooking

Cooking can be uncomfortable at times because of the steam, smells, heat and stuffiness of the area. But a range hood will reduce those discomforts so that you can enjoy cooking.

More Lighting

You’ll be able to have additional lighting while your’e cooking thanks to an overhead range hood. Some luxury and high-end designer range hood appliances have special lighting effects that enhance the area.

Less Time Cleaning

Cleaning above or behind the stove and nearby cabinets can be tiresome given there is often a sticky film that’s coated with dust. This is caused by the excess moisture and grease in the air from cooking without proper ventilation. A range hood removes moisture and grease, so it helps decrease how much time you spend cleaning!

Stylish Appliance

With a range hood part of your kitchen remodel, you’ll have a stylish kitchen with a modern appearance! There are tons of different options when it comes to range hoods and you’ll be able to find one that fits perfectly with your dream kitchen.


Adding a range hood to your kitchen remodel design not only helps create a better looking kitchen, but is also a very functional appliance for your new dream kitchen. At LA Design Build, we can easily incorporate a hood range in your Los Angeles kitchen renovation project! We’ll provide you with manufacturer suggestions, model suggestions and more. Contact us for your LA kitchen remodel project today!